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Ed Hatton H&S ThumbThis blog has been developed so that I can share my thoughts on running entrepreneurial businesses. To me the essence of business is how to get customers to willingly and joyously take money out of their bank accounts and put it in yours, to access your goods and services to their benefit and yours. That’s what this blog is about.

If there is wisdom here then please use it – and if you don’t find wisdom you sure will find a lot of street fighting tips!




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This is Ed Hatton, author of this blog

I am a passionate believer in entrepreneurship and have been consulting to and mentoring small and medium businesses for 25 years, after giving up a position in the boring corporate world.

I am a columnist and writer having co-authored a textbook on entrepreneurship, I write a regular column for Entrepreneur magazine and am a frequent contributor to a range of media including Strategic Marketing and Talk Radio 702. I am a senior Business Partners mentor, and was recently honoured to be profiled on The Legacy Project. I enjoy public speaking at conferences and companies.

My wife Lal and I recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary, I am a LifeLine counsellor, and enjoy classic car rallying, photography and the bush.


This is my business: The Marketing Director:

I launched The Marketing Director in 1990 to provide advice and guidance to small / medium businesses in the fields of strategy, marketing and sales in many sectors including services, manufacturing, technology, professions and NGOs.

This service was set up to fill a need for improvement in strategy marketing and sales in entrepreneurial organisations. That need remains to this day. Consulting assignments have been mainly in South Africa but have also been undertaken in Australia, the Middle East and elsewhere in Africa.

The business has developed an increasing number of services for start-up and early stage entrepreneurial businesses, and strategic views of business performance improvement and growth.



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