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Ed’s consulting and mentoring practice is ‘The Marketing Director’ which was established in 1990 would you believe! There are lots more details here.

The specific areas of expertise include:

Ed has that “damn” factor that very few marketing guys have … “Life experience” he is a guru in his field because he presents real life examples with every suggestion he makes. It is easy to get marketing from a book, but it is hard to get it from experience!” Martin Brown CEO Radical Mobility

Business improvement. Many, maybe most entrepreneurial businesses don’t make as much money as they could. We have been working with businesses to increase sales, market share and profitability for many years and have developed a great store of know-how to assist businesses to get to where they would like to be. We know how difficult it is to take big steps when you are mired in day to day activities, so we add a driving force and a couple of decades of experience. Outside advice works – see here for some examples and here for details of how the service works.

Reviewing strategy. Sitting back and taking a hard look at how you are doing is really difficult. It is even more difficult to make the changes needed from doing that review. So most businesses either don’t do anything or have a real motivating bosberaad, lekgotla or teambuilding event. And then go back to doing the same things as before. There is a better way – MarkStrat is a structured review process with a simple change mechanism built in, and that is only one of the tools we use. Check or redevelop you strategies in more than a talk shop using our facilitation and methods. More details are here

Start up business mentoring. Statistics vary but probably 60% of start-up businesses where there is no outside assistance never see their 4th year. To reduce this risk you can buy a franchise or look for help from a wise mentor. Or if you really like playing with your livelihood and fortune then go it alone and live dangerously! More details of this service and some case studies are here.



Some other stuff:

A function at the War Museum

Ed is a great platform speaker who can educate, entertain interact with and challenge audiences at your function. Typical topics include: Entrepreneurship, The true selling organisation, Stop doing that (the things that cost you money and kill customer relationships, some of which you are not even aware you are doing), Succeeding in tough times and Competing like a champion. I also do specific marketing and sales topics like the 4Ps in 2015 (keynote speech at the Marketing Indaba 2015), Solution Selling update, Pricing Culture, Early stage survival (presented at Markex 2015) and others. Drop me an e-mail if you have something special in mind or if you require more details.

If you need a skilled facilitator to get the best out of your strategic planning or other business meetings please ask.

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